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India's Largest Pooja Accessories Brand
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Beautiful Pure Brass Kuber Diya
From $5.98 USD $9.98 USD
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Pure Brass Kuber Akhand Diya Big
From $12.98 USD $19.98 USD
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Brass Lotus Kamal Shape Diya
$5.98 USD $8.98 USD
Designer Brass Devdas Akhand Diya
From $6.98 USD $7.98 USD
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Brass Akhand Pooja Diya
From $5.98 USD $9.98 USD
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1 Pc Lord Ganesha Metal Diya
$6.98 USD $8.98 USD
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Explore the Radiance of the Divine: Enhance Your Spiritual Journey with Aarti Diya Collection

Welcome to, your ultimate destination for genuine and premium puja items crafted to enrich your spiritual odyssey. We take pride in presenting an extensive array of products tailored to the distinctive needs of our esteemed customers in the USA. Within our exquisite range, we introduce our finest aarti diyas, meticulously designed to imbue sacredness into your worship rituals.

Brass Diya:
Our Brass Diya assortment pays homage to the timeless allure of traditional craftsmanship. Artisan-crafted with precision, these diya lamps emit a warm and soothing glow, creating an enchanting ambiance during prayers. Fashioned from premium-quality brass, these diyas not only endure but also emanate a profound sense of sanctity.

Akhand Diya:
Embark on a journey with our Akhand Diya, symbolizing the eternal presence of the divine flame. Engineered to burn continuously, these diya lamps facilitate unwavering devotion. With intricate detailing, our Akhand diyas serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, standing as exquisite pieces of art.

Pyali Diya:
Embrace simplicity and elegance with our Pyali diyas, featuring a traditional bowl-shaped design. Ideal for lighting multiple wicks, these diya lamps create a mesmerizing spectacle during aarti ceremonies. Crafted from premium materials, our Pyali diyas endure extended use, fostering a serene environment for your prayers.

Chimney Diya:
Harmonizing aesthetics with functionality, our Chimney diyas boast a unique design ensuring a steady flame even in windy conditions. Perfect for outdoor rituals, these diya lamps, crafted with precision, captivate the senses and infuse your puja space with divine radiance.

Aarti Diya with Wooden Handle:
For a touch of rustic charm, opt for our aarti diyas with wooden handles. The fusion of brass and wood harmoniously blends traditional and contemporary elements. The smooth wooden handle ensures a comfortable grip, facilitating ease and devotion during aarti.

Panch Aarti Diya:
Elevate your spiritual practice with our Panch Aarti Diya, designed to hold multiple lamps for simultaneous aarti offerings. Crafted with utmost care, these functional diya lamps also serve as stunning decorative pieces for your home altar or temple, allowing you to immerse yourself in divine radiance during panch aarti with grace and devotion.

Ganga Aarti Diya:
Capturing the essence of the sacred Ganga Aarti, our Ganga aarti diyas feature intricate designs with symbolic motifs and engravings associated with the holy river Ganga. Illuminate your space with the divine glow of our Ganga aarti diyas, bringing the serenity of the Ganga Aarti to your sacred surroundings.

Gulab Pash Sprinkler:
Conclude your puja rituals with our Gulab Pash Sprinkler, a unique accessory for offering sacred water during aarti. Crafted with precision and elegance, this sprinkler allows you to sprinkle rosewater or holy water gracefully, adding a fragrant touch to your worship and fostering a sense of divine bliss.

At, we recognize the significance of authentic puja items in enriching your spiritual connection. With our meticulously curated collection of aarti diyas and other puja essentials, we are dedicated to providing you with the finest products that elevate your spiritual experience. Explore our website and embark on a soulful journey of devotion and tranquility, tailored to meet the needs of our valued customers in the USA. is the Official Website of Brand SATVIK to Buy Puja Items Online across the globe.

Satvik is India's Largest Puja Items Brand having more than 10000 GTIN Certified SKUs. With a Corporate Office in Delhi, 4 warehouses in India and 3 fulfilment canters in United States, UK, and Australia, We can serve customers anywhere in the world.



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Welcome to – Your Global Connection to the Satvik Brand's Spiritual Offerings

Dive into the world of spiritual abundance and festive delight with, the global online puja items platform that brings you the essence of the Satvik brand's offerings. As the international extension of our brand, invites you to experience authentic puja items and a comprehensive range of festive essentials, all while preserving the sacred traditions that hold immense value in your life.

A Global Gateway to Tradition: is the window to a world of age-old traditions and spiritual practices, connecting people across borders and cultures. Whether you're celebrating cherished occasions like Holi, Rakhi, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Karva Chauth, or immersing yourself in the devotion of Navratri, ensures that you have access to genuine puja items and essentials that enrich your rituals.

The Satvik Experience Transcends Boundaries:
Just as spirituality knows no limits, neither does Regardless of your location, be it within India or anywhere around the globe, we are here to serve you. Our commitment to swift and efficient global delivery ensures that the Satvik experience is accessible to all, allowing you to embrace your traditions no matter where life takes you.

Elevating Tradition with Authenticity: is built on the foundation of authenticity and quality. Our curated selection of puja essentials is carefully chosen to enhance the sacredness of your rituals. From revered idols and aromatic incense to beautifully crafted diyas and divine threads, each product encapsulates the essence of tradition and spirituality, while upholding the highest standards of authenticity.

Seamless Online Shopping Experience:
Navigating is a seamless journey designed to cater to your needs. Our user-friendly interface ensures that you can explore our diverse range of products, read detailed descriptions, and make informed choices effortlessly. We've crafted the platform with your convenience in mind, making your online shopping experience a truly enjoyable one.

Embrace the Satvik Spirit: isn't just an online store; it's an embodiment of the Satvik brand's commitment to culture, tradition, and spirituality. Whether you're preparing for a puja in the tranquility of your home or sending blessings across the miles, our handpicked selection of puja items and festive essentials ensures that your celebrations are meaningful, genuine, and filled with the Satvik spirit.

Discover the Global Reach of Satvik:
At, we invite you to embark on a global journey that transcends physical boundaries and connects souls through spirituality. As you explore our offerings, you'll find that is more than a website – it's your pathway to upholding traditions, fostering connections, and celebrating the beauty of culture worldwide.

Join us at and embrace the world of spirituality, tradition, and global connectivity. Begin your journey now and experience the Satvik brand's offerings like never before.

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