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Ashta Lakshmi Yantra
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Shri Yantra
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Sampoorna Kuber Yantra
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Sampoorna Vastu Yantra
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Welcome to, your one-stop online destination for Vastu, Yantra, and Feng Shui products. We offer a wide range of items designed to bring positive energy, harmony, and prosperity into your life. Explore our collection and discover the power of ancient wisdom.

Vastu Yantra:
Vastu Yantras are sacred geometric diagrams that harness cosmic energies and help create a harmonious environment. They are designed to rectify any Vastu doshas or imbalances in your living or working space. Each Yantra has a specific purpose and benefits. Whether you want to enhance wealth, health, relationships, or overall well-being, we have the perfect Vastu Yantra for you.

Vastu Mantra:
Vastu Mantras are powerful incantations that are chanted to invoke positive energies and remove negative influences from your surroundings. These mantras are believed to attract divine blessings and ensure the flow of positive vibrations in your home or workplace. By reciting Vastu Mantras regularly, you can harmonize the energy and create an auspicious atmosphere.

Feng Shui Turtle:
The Feng Shui Turtle is a symbol of longevity, wisdom, and protection. According to Feng Shui principles, placing a turtle figurine or image in your home or office brings stability, good fortune, and a sense of grounding. The turtle's energy is said to attract positive opportunities, ward off negativity, and promote a peaceful environment.

Vastu Turtle Mantra:
The Vastu Turtle Mantra is a sacred chant that is recited to seek the blessings and protection of Lord Vishnu, who is believed to reside in the form of a turtle (Kurma avatar). This mantra is chanted to ensure stability, good health, and overall prosperity. By reciting the Vastu Turtle Mantra, you can invite divine energy into your space and experience its positive impact.

Evil Eye Hanging/Nazar Battu:
Evil Eye Hangings, also known as Nazar Battu, are traditional talismans used for protection against the evil eye and negative energy. It is believed that the Evil Eye can cause harm or misfortune to individuals. By hanging an Evil Eye Hanging in your home or workplace, you can ward off negative influences, deflect malicious intentions, and attract positive vibes.

Vastu Wall Mantra:
Vastu Wall Mantras are sacred inscriptions or images that are hung on walls to create a positive and balanced environment. These mantras are carefully designed to channelize the energy flow in your space and ensure harmony. By placing Vastu Wall Mantras strategically, you can enhance the positive vibrations, promote well-being, and invite abundance into your life.

Ashta Lakshmi Yantra:
Ashta Lakshmi Yantra is a powerful Yantra dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu deity of wealth and prosperity. This Yantra is believed to attract financial abundance, success, and overall material well-being. By meditating or offering prayers to the Ashta Lakshmi Yantra, you can seek the blessings of the Goddess and open doors to wealth and abundance.

Shree Yantra:
The Shree Yantra is one of the most sacred Yantras in Hinduism. It is a geometric representation of the divine energy and the union of the masculine and feminine principles. The Shree Yantra is considered a source of cosmic power, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment. By meditating upon or placing the Shree Yantra in your space, you can align yourself with higher consciousness and attract positive vibrations.

Sampoorna Kuber Yantra:
The Sampoorna Kuber Yantra is dedicated to Lord Kuber, the Hindu god of wealth and abundance. This Yantra is believed to unlock the doors of prosperity, financial stability, and success. By worshiping the Sampoorna Kuber Yantra with devotion and following the prescribed rituals, you can invoke the blessings of Lord Kuber and invite wealth and riches into your life.

Sampoorna Vastu Yantra:
The Sampoorna Vastu Yantra is a comprehensive Yantra that combines the power of various Vastu Yantras. It is designed to harmonize the energies of your living or working space and rectify any Vastu doshas. The Sampoorna Vastu Yantra helps create a positive, balanced environment, and promotes overall well-being, success, and prosperity.

At, we provide detailed information about each product, including its significance, usage instructions, and associated mantras. We believe in offering authentic, high-quality products that can truly make a difference in your life. Explore our store and embark on a journey of spiritual transformation, abundance, and positivity.