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satvikworld.com is an online store for spiritual and religious items and Brand SATVIK is a trustable brand for online pooja accessories. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by any religion or spiritual organization. All products on the Satvik website have been carefully selected and researched for their safety and efficacy before being added to our selection. 

We prioritize honesty with our readers above all else, and we follow this value by trying to provide information sourced from the most genuine religious sources in our religious books. However, we do not make any alterations to the pre-stated and proven facts, and hence, if any of these mythological books suggest something, we are not liable for the actions taken with alignment to these texts.  

As an online store, our mission is to provide top-notch customer service along with only the best religious and spiritual products available on the market today. All products are sold as curios, accessories, and for personal purposes only. The buyer assumes full responsibility for the use of the items purchased from Satvik Store and agrees to release and discharge Satvik, an Online Pooja Accessories Store from any liability arising out of its use. 

The customer can use the puja accessories sold by Satvik Store Private Limited as they see fit, and the seller is not responsible for any misuse or accidents that may occur while using these products. Moreover, we are not liable for any steps you take as per your own interpretations after reading the books we sell, as these are from mythological sources and not written by our authors. We hope you enjoy your experience as a reader and think smart!