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India's Largest Pooja Accessories Brand

M.D. Message

 It brings me great pleasure to express my gratitude to our customers, artisans, staff members, business partners, and bankers for their unwavering support. I firmly believe that everyone associated with us, whether directly or indirectly, contributes to the organisation's success. Without the commitment, diligence, and sincere efforts of our employees, artisans, suppliers, staff, and families, it would not be possible.

SATVIK was founded with the vision of becoming the most well-known brand of pooja items worldwide. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest-quality goods that are not only designed, sourced, and manufactured ethically but that are also reasonably priced in order to realise this vision. The business has performed as expected thus far.
People, artisans, consumers, technology, product quality, innovation, and efficiency are the main focuses of our business practice's. We are confident that they will advance and result in excellent products for the fulfilment of our customers, an improvement in the way of life for our rural craftsmen, and profitability for the business.
According to the adage "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change," only businesses that have transformed themselves, produced high-quality goods, and provided customer service appropriately can succeed in the twenty-first century. We are dedicated to overcoming these obstacles through our corporate strategy. At SATVIK, we continually work to launch fresh, cutting-edge product lines and keep delivering the highest-quality goods to our customers.

Anika Bansal-Managing Director

Genieland Kreations Private Limited